International students fear flying home for the holidays

Estella Aguilar

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Some international students want to go home for the holiday break but are afraid of flying.

“I would really love to go home but I won’t because of the problems with the planes. My mother was telling me, ‘I would love to see you, but don’t come,'” said David Saliba, vice president of the Intercultural Student Association.

“After it happened (the bombing) my thoughts were, ‘Look at how many people died.’ Then I was concerned with how is it going to be with us. Are the people going to look at us differently or the same? But they don’t look at us the same,” he said.

With the holidays here, some students are wishing they could spend this time of year with their families.

“I want to see my family, but I will talk to them on the phone. They understand that I want to be there with them, but I can’t right now,” said Kalib Gjesdal, 22, a business administration major at BC.

“Hopefully I’ll see them soon but feeling safe is important to me right now,” he said.

“Because the terrorists are from the Middle East, and if you’re a student here and you decide you want to come back, the U.S. officials have a lot of questions,” said (Abdallah) Ben Hamallah, 26, an international relations student at Bakersfield College.

“Most people I know right now would rather go back home than stay here and get harassed. I know people who know people who’ve been harassed,” he said.

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