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Marcinda Coil

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Physics, English, math, and nutrition may leave a bad taste in students’ mouths, but students can add some flavor to their student educational plan.
Not only have new classes added spice to the campus, there are some traditional classes that bring classic flavors that students may not know about.
According to the Bakersfield College Catalog, students under the age of 21 must complete “two units designed to promote health and an understanding of leisure time through physical activity.”
Why not satisfy those units through dance? According to the catalog, jazz dance, modern dance, and beginning ballet are not new ideas. Not only do students learn the techniques and music appropriate to these dances, they also learn the terminology.
Want to learn some history of dance? According to the May 9, 2007 edition of the Renegade Rip, a history of hip-hop class is in discussion.
However, students do not have to engage in dance to escape the mundane physical education they had endured in high school. Yoga, Pilates, and Cardio Kickboxing also satisfy the physical education requirement.
Not only does BC offer a variety of sports, the college offers classes on the theories of baseball, football, and soccer.
According to the catalog, each class is designed to provide “master coaching techniques” in order for students to learn about the game and how to coach.
However, students may just want to learn something new, like bowling, archery, horsemanship, country gardening, or SCUBA diving.
The archery class is unique to the district. In fact, As of May 7, 2007, BC was the only college in the Kern Community College District with an archery class.
The horsemanship class has been around for over two years, teaching students how to ride and maintain horses. No experience is necessary, said instructors in the April 11, 2007 issue of the Rip. There are ten to 12 horses available to students.
However, SCUBA diving is the newest addition to the campus. It began in the spring semester of 2007. The SCUBA class requires a $90 material fee. According to BC graduate Joe Noll the price has gone down and still remains the cheapest in Kern County. Also, according to Noll, the enrollment has doubled in the summer semester compared to the spring semester.
No matter what students are interested in, there are interesting classes that fulfill each general education requirement.

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