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Denise Gonzales

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The warm season opens endless doors that allow individuals to alter their wardrobes. The 2010 spring fashion must-have items allow both male and female individuals to emphasize their own personal style statements.
With the spring weather in full effect, and the constant style trends that are forever evolving, many college students are not aware of the new modern and classic style tendencies they should be aiming for.
Famous apparel designers showcase their collection lines with modern trends. The major downside to these showcased clothing lines is the price tag. Alternatives of these clothing pieces can be done effectively and with reasonable pricing.
According to Elle Magazine online fashion news, the 2010 fashion trends are made up of collaborations with modern and classic clothing items.
Women should aim for floral print, tribal and silk fabrics. For color hues it is recommended to search for pastels, whites and dark bold colors. The combining of these fabrics and colors will be this spring season’s trends for young women.
For men, it is recommended to seek asymmetrical fabric patterns and digital designs along with plain fabrics. The picking of colors for men can be enjoyable. Diverse sets of pastels, bold hues and mixing of non-complementary colors will be in.
The secret to being up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and age appropriate styles is not far from comprehension. Styling yourself can be simple and done with little effort.
When browsing for items, both male and female individuals should think about purchasing as many simple items as possible. This allows for numerous mix-and-matching of outfits. It allows the wearer to be able to find right styles of color combinations that suit their personal preferences.
For women, pairing any shorts of pastel color with a stylish dark boyfriend blazer can be put together quickly for a stylish look. Loose floral print tops and dresses have been a constant style trend and will also be out in clothing stores. Silk loose tank tops of pastel colors can be worn with a tight dark bold fitting skirt for another quick stylish look. High-wasted bottoms, one-piece rompers and loose dresses are recommended. The main emphasis of the women’s trends is the mixing and matching of clothing items, fabrics and colors in order to show uniqueness and versatility.
For the men, plain bottoms can be paired with detailed tops such as tank tops or t-shirts. Asymmetrical patterns printed on tank tops and T-shirts along with digital designs will be the evolving trend for the males. For a quick put together look, men are suggested to pair plain dark bold colored shorts, patterned t-shirts and a loose button-up long sleeve shirt. Rolling of the sleeves and unbuttoning shirts will allow a quick, stylish look.
Stacie Longston, 21, is a math major at Bakersfield College and has always been unsure of what style trends are in and out.
“I never have time to search for the season trends so I am always unsure,” said Longston. “Now I understand to purchase a variety of pieces so I can alternate them for a lot of different outfits. I see there is no rule now, just diversity.”
Jeremy Gomez, 24, is an art history major at BC and he personally does not follow the seasonal trends.
“I never look up what is right and what is in,” said Gomez. “I go with my personal unique feel. Now, after hearing the 2010 fashion trends, I am glad to see the men’s trends to be similar to mine. I enjoy the availability of putting clothing together.”
The process of mixing and matching versatile patterns and clothing pieces will allow an individual to sport a fast and comfortable look. It is recommended to opt for the perfect must-have accessories to complete an overall appearance. For women, selecting chunky necklaces and bracelets is the must-have along with pieces containing feathers. Over accessorizing is in, so take advantage of that opportunity. For men, it is recommended to indulge in multi-colored sunglasses and necklaces.

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Summer Fashion Fads