Rocky Horror shown at Fox Theater

Rocky Horror shown at Fox Theater

Contestants gather for bes costume at the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Nate Perez, Reporter

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is hosted by The Velvet Darkness shadow cast, is a movie with a certain twist: you aren’t supposed to be quiet during the show. Audience members are allowed to scream and throw items during the right moments of the movie.

The pre-show began at 11:15 p.m. at the Fox Theater with different contests involving participants from the audience.

The first contest consisted of a best costume contest. The winner left with tickets to see Jo Koy.

The second contest involved a group orgasm contest. Two groups competed against each other trying to fake the best orgasm they possibly could. Then they did it again, one group as a chicken and the other as a monkey. The winners from that then read a silly script in the sexiest voice they possibly could. The audience booed, cheered, and laughed. Ultimately, a female and male contestant were deemed the winners and were given sex toys as prizes.

Another group of participants competed in a couple’s game. One person soaked a tampon into a cup full of Clamato juice and the second person sucked as much juice as possible out of the tampon and spit the juice into a separate cup. The group with the most Clamato juice in their separate cup won more sex prizes.

The last contest consisted of groups of two trying to put a condom on a banana with no hands. One person held a banana, while the other tried to put the condom on with their mouth. The fastest group won even more sex prizes, and one of the males from the group was given a beer bong as a prize.

The movie didn’t begin until 12:30 a.m. and by then the audience was already anticipating the event.

Prop bags were sold at the entrance of the theater. They included rice, newspaper, noisemakers, toilet paper, and other small items. All of the items were vital ingredients for audience participation.

During a wedding scene, the audience threw rice. When the screen showed rain, The Velvet Darkness volunteers sprayed the audience with water. If you purchased a prop bag, you were able to keep your head dry with newspaper. When bandages were removed off a movie character, the audience was allowed to throw toilet paper everywhere.

At the end of the night I left cold, wet, and with rice in my shoes, but as bad as that sounds, the Velvet Darkness cast did a good job with the event. It is understandable that they have a cult following.

If you’ve never attended the Rocky Horror Picture show, you probably should when they host their next event sometime in February of next year.

Their shows consist of vulgarity, audience participation, and plenty of ridicule, all in the name of fun. Die-hards show up dressed up as actors from the movie.