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Reading, writing and Mary Jane

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Reading, writing and Mary Jane

Nate Perez

Nate Perez

Nate Perez

Nate Perez, Reporter

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Marijuana users are typically thought of as lazy, irresponsible and incompetent people, but some appear to be the exact opposite. They are all students, or were at one point. They have well paying jobs, and they have mortgages to pay.

A student who did not want to be identified for fear of reprisals from his job said, “I smoke everyday. To the equivalent of about three joints a day.”

This student occasionally smokes before class, before doing homework and pretty much all day. Despite being a pothead, the unidentified student is a model student. He goes to class everyday and maintains a 3.0 GPA.

This student does not smoke before every class though. He recalls a bad smoking experience before class one semester.

“I went to Astronomy class, and I medicated beforehand, which I later found out to be a mistake,” he said. “The room is dark and the seats are kind of reclined. When you add those together, you get way too comfortable, to the point where you want to pass out.”

Eventually, the unidentified student had to drop the class.

A significant amount of people have the belief that marijuana provides no health benefits and  makes the brain deteriorate, but these students would argue that it has the opposite effect.

An unidentified student said, “I would say smoking before certain classes make my learning experience better. I engage more in discussion during class, or I become more enthused about the subject.”

Smoking before class can be a double-edged sword to another student who also did not want to be identified. She said, “When I smoke before class, I pay more attention to the lecture, but it is easier to get distracted by other students when they’re doing something dumb like texting. I just keep looking at them.”

These unidentified students are neither encouraging other students to go to class under the use of marijuana, nor do they want anyone to start up a smoking habit. What these students do agree with is that marijuana can be used as medicine and can help people with disabilities.

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Reading, writing and Mary Jane