COLUMN: Forget the lame trends

Patricia Rocha, Copy editor

Style. You either have it or you don’t. What most people don’t realize is that actually having a style is a lot easier than all the fashion magazines might suggest.

The main problem people have with fashion is that what’s “trendy” or “in” is constantly changing. Fads come and go, seasons dictate what colors we should be wearing, and it’s all basically up to celebrities and the editors of Vogue to decide what’s next.

When Kim Kardashian is sporting a white, drop-crotch jumpsuit and Sarah Jessica Parker has hoof-inspired heels, one can only assume the fashion world has gone off the deep end.

However, the best way to avoid all the craziness is to develop your own style by what you decide looks nice on you. It sounds obvious, but all you have to do is wear what you love, and anything you don’t, avoid like the Jersey Shore cast does sunblock and classiness.

The first step to finding your own style is to find inspiration. Go through magazines and look past the neon furs, nine-inch heels and angry-model poses. Instead, look for details you think are interesting, like certain patterns and color combinations.

The next step is to get rid of anything you have that doesn’t fit into the style you want for yourself. If you can go through your closet and find something you don’t like, doesn’t fit right, or doesn’t flatter you, get rid of it.

If it doesn’t make you feel like a million bucks when you’re wearing it, it isn’t worth keeping around.

After a while you should be able to pick out anything in your closet and just wear it proudly, leaving you no more “but I have nothing to wear” moments.

Especially when shopping, don’t let yourself settle. Stop buying something just because it’s only kind of cute, or it’s what you think you should be wearing, but you only sort-of like it. Use your new inspiration to figure out what you really do like.

What you don’t want to do is pigeonhole yourself into one cliché style, however. You want the things you wear to be versatile, but still cover all of your interests.

If you like girly, poofy skirts and pink flats, but still love rocking your AC/DC t- shirt, go with it. Throw that hipster grandma sweater over your pencil skirt and pumps. Wear your casual jeans and converse with an awesome blazer and statement necklace. Everyone has multiple sides to their personality, and it’s a lot of fun representing all those sides with fashion.

Getting dressed shouldn’t be frustrating; it should be a positive way for you to express yourself nonverbally.

The last and most important aspect is to own your newfound style. If what you love isn’t exactly what everyone else loves, or isn’t exactly “in,” it doesn’t matter. In a few months what is “in” will be replaced with something else anyway. Don’t worry about what other people think and carry it with confidence because that’s what fashion and true style is all about.