Frozen yogurt trend excites Bakersfield residents

Frozen yogurt trend excites Bakersfield residents

Yogurtland offers an array of toppings for their frozen yogurts.

Patricia Rocha, Copy Editor

Bakersfield residents have been known to get excited over new restaurant openings and the many new frozen yogurt places that have opened in the past few years are no exception.

Yogurtland, BurrBerry Frozen Yogurt, Daddy O’s Frozen Yogurt and Galato and Tutti Frutti have all recently gotten the attention of Bakersfield College students as the newest places to get a cool snack.

The new locations have caught the attention of student Amayrany Claros, 18, who said she hasn’t gone yet, but the variety of colors and flavors make it look interesting.

“They look tasty,” she said.

English major Patrick Reyes said he’s been to Daddy O’s and BurrBerry Frozen Yogurt, the latter being his favorite.

“They have really good flavors,” he said. “I like French vanilla yogurt, and I like to put caramel on it.”

He says he thinks people get excited over new openings because people just like eating a lot and BC student Arelie Paredos agrees.

“I guess they read reviews and are anxious to try it out,” Paredos said.

She said she likes the new Yogurtland location for its tasty toppings.

“They have more choices like cookies and junk food and all that,” she said.

Student Karla Peck also agrees that Yogurtland is her new go-to place, admitting she’s slightly addicted to the frozen treat.

“I don’t feel extremely full like after I eat ice cream,” Peck said. “It’s healthy and yummy.”

Though she said the location is a little too small and busy to hang out with friends and family in, she feels the yogurt is worth the hassle.

“I get the cheesecake yogurt or the passion fruit yogurt topped with pineapple and strawberries and animal cookies.”

Peck said she likes the service and the outside of the location is perfect for hanging out as Yogurtland is only a short distance away from River Walk Park.

“Everyone is pretty friendly there,” she said.

“You can just take your yogurt and go.”

Another selling point for the treat is the prices, which is said to be reasonably priced based on the overall weight of the final cup which many said was a good thing seeing as how there are hundreds of different flavor and topping combinations possible.

“You get a lot for really cheap, it’s not pricey at all,” said Peck. “I like to get toasted coconut yogurt with sliced almonds and a bunch of fruit.

“It’s so good.”

Many students said they were excited to see what other types of dining venues will open in town in the future.