Gospel concert celebrates Black History Month

Ruben Perez, Reporter

Harlem & Beyond put on a gospel concert at the Greater Harvest Christian Center Feb. 25 to celebrate Black History Month and to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The theme of the concert was “Embracing the Past for a Better Future.” The Master of Ceremony, Brother Charles Moore, said they put on the concert because “during the hard times, it was the music that brought people together.”

This is the third time that Harlem & Beyond put on the concert, but the first time at the Greater Harvest Christian Center.

The concert began with songs by the Greater Harvest Praise Team and a discussion of the book and movie “The Help.” They brought up “The Help” as a reminder of the struggles people went through so that all people of color could eventually have the same rights and equality.

The concert then followed with the song “Walking in Authority” by the Bakersfield Community Children’s Choir.  They performed three songs throughout the evening.  After the Children’s choir sang, the Bakersfield Community Praise Dancers performed a dance to a song about asking Jesus to help through the tough times.

The concert also included poetry from a local poet about the struggles she went through during the civil rights movement and when she was the help. She stressed the importance of people embracing their past to have a better future.

One Touch Music Ministry came from California City to perform a few songs.

The Children’s Choir performed again, but this time dressed as older women with large church hats and ran around the church in praise.

The older women they were imitating got a good laugh from the children’s choir’s performance.

The music got most of the people in attendance out of their seats and clapping their hands. After the concert everyone was in good spirits, and a few people suggested that they hold the concert more often.