COLUMN: Keep style simple

Patricia Rocha, Copy Editor

The fashion world operates in two seasons, fall and spring, but here in Bakersfield we get one very grueling one: hotter than the surface of the sun. Summer fashion is unique from any other time because it’s about the bare minimum. Fashionably layering tights, blouses and sweaters just isn’t practical when it’s a humid 90-degree day.

Here in Bakersfield, it’s practically impossible to stay stylish when it’s too hot for anything but a no-fuss top with shorts or a simple summer dress. Clothing-wise, your best bet is going to be breathable fabrics, and by breathable fabrics I do not mean those sheer, midriff-baring tank tops that are so popular at the moment. I’m talking about fabrics that keep you cool and don’t cling to your body, like cottons and soft silks.

The trick to simple style is to throw in some key pieces that make a statement. Look for pieces with visual interest, like flirty dresses with cutouts and fun patterns. Instead of a T-shirt with average denim cutoffs, try to find some in a fun color like aqua or burnt orange.

Accessories like hats and necklaces are a great way to add to a summer outfit, but be sure to wear the right kind. A light, straw or wide-brimmed hat is going to be much more comfortable in the heat than a closer-fitting, head-warming cloche, for example.

Along the same lines, a dainty necklace with a light chain is going to feel a lot nicer than a heavy bib or choker style.

As much as I love my closed-toe pumps and flats, summer really is all about cute sandals. Sandals that are actually shoes of course, not those over-grown packing peanuts people like to call “flip flops.”

Because your clothing will be simple, summer is a great time to focus on all of the things that can keep you fashionable outside of your outfit. Summer music festivals, barbecues and pool parties are season staples, and no matter what outfit you choose to wear, your number one accessory should be sun block and deodorant. Lobster tans and armpit stains don’t flatter anyone, ever.

Taking care of yourself physically is also going to play a huge role in how you look. Drinking plenty of water will not only keep your body hydrated, but also keep your skin from drying out. Keeping your skin fresh also means less breakouts and a flawless canvas for some light makeup.

Along the same lines, over-washing your hair may seem like a good idea after a muggy day, but this can dry out your scalp even more. A nice dry shampoo keeps your hair clean without all of the hassle of ruining your gorgeous locks.

Feeling good about how you’re taking care of yourself will definitely translate into your summer wardrobe. If you’re drinking a lot of water, taking care of your hair and skin, and just overall feeling fresh, your outfit itself will just be the accessory to your confidence.