Kern Models delivers artistic touch

Kern Models delivers artistic touch

Rochelle Deaton checks the settings on her camera between shots during a photo shoot on April 16.

Metiqua Eng, Reporter

A local group called Kern Models and Photographers has brought popularity and creativity to the Kern County photography scene.

Kern Models and Photographers is a group on Facebook created by local photographer Dan Spencer where photographers and models can establish connections and relationships with others, as well as gain more pictures for personal portfolios.

Several local photographers of all skill levels, experience, and styles show the work they are doing around Kern County.

Rachelle Deaton, 40, is an administrator for Kern Models and Photographers and is a coordinator and active participant in group photo shoots.

“I’ve been a photographer for about 23 years and I got involved because my daughter did pageants,” Deaton said.  “I started taking headshots and getting involved in cameras and started loving it.”

Deaton started as just another face invited to join on Facebook but quickly turned into an avid contributor to the group.

“I got involved because I posted some pictures of a model named Bianca and she submitted me to the group,” Deaton said.  “I went from there and was the 50th person in the group and now there’s like 280.”

Deaton has been extremely involved with the group, not only as a photographer, but by helping potential models use Kern Models and Photographers as a stepping stone. She wants to capture an essence about her models as well as learn more within her own photography skills.

“I really want to pull out whatever the person I’m photographing has,” Deaton said.  “Say that person is really trendy, I’ll try and pull that out.  I don’t like to put my touch on it too much. I just want to pull out whatever personality that the model has, so it varies from person to person.”

Deaton expresses that being a member of the group has overall strengthened her photography and directing skills, which are making her more talented and giving her more experience.

“I’ve learned patience in that you got to be patient with the new people that are trying to learn how to model or learn how to do different things,” Deaton said.  As this online group continues to flourish, Deaton basks in the great qualities of the group she has so much passion for.

“Overall I think because all of us photographers critique each other, I’m getting really good criticisms on my pictures so that I learn what to do next time and how to get better and better,” Deaton explains.  “I think this past year my stuff has improved so much since the first time I started shooting that I’m constantly learning and growing from it so I don’t think I’ll be done learning.  But I’m hoping to be as good as some of the pros that are on there.  I’ll keep practicing.”

For Kern Models and Photographers to have started as such a small group, it has quickly grown and attracted more members to participate, linking models and photographers all over Kern County to communicate and work together.

“I’ve been able to meet so many cool people,” Deaton explained.  “I’m learning new things like a lot of new lighting techniques and posing ideas,  just learning that things continually change over and over again.  It’s a really cool hobby to have.”