Wise study tips to ace your finals

Crystal Sanchez, Reporter

Finals are quickly approaching and so is the stress of having to study for them. Many students are eager for any help they can get, which is why The Huffington Post recently came out with a list of study tips for exams.

Fernando Munoz, mathematics major, said he usually listens to music while studying for finals. “I listen to music because it helps me concentrate on what I am studying,” he said.

When asked if he had ever listened to Mozart, he said, “I have heard music like that can really help you, but I have never tried it before.” However, Munoz said that he would give Mozart a try.

Another tip was to alternate study spots so students won’t get bored of the same old spot. Cara Phillips, music major, said that she and her friends always have their study groups at a local Starbucks.

“We love going to Starbucks to study because it’s relaxing and we can order coffee non-stop,” she said.

Phillips said alternating study spots makes sense, but that she and her friends will still continue to go to Starbucks. “It makes sense to change up the routine every once in a while, but we just love Starbucks way too much to give it up,” she said.

Matt Dunn, an economics major, said that doing some kind of exercise relieves his stress before a big test.

“Before every final I take a quick walk and it helps clear my mind and relieves the stress,” he said.

Dunn said feeling stressed before a test is the worst feeling for him. “Being stressed before a test is a sickening feeling,” he said. “I hate it.”

Making studying fun has often been a difficult challenge, but Kelly Galen, a criminal justice major, has discovered a way. Galen said that she and her friends create a Jeopardy game board using flash cards.

“Throughout the semester I make flash cards to help study for tests, so that way for the final I have them ready,” she said.

Galen said that both she and her friends enjoy playing Jeopardy better than staring at a textbook all night. “Playing the game is a fun way to get our brains working instead of reading chapters from the book.”