Artist returns to show calendar and paintings

Artist returns to show calendar and paintings

Claudia True holds up one of her calendars at Ice House Framing and Gallery on Oct. 4.

Ruben Perez, Reporter

Artist Claudia True was at The Ice House on Oct. 4 to sell her calendars that feature recipes and an original painting of hers.

True, a former Bakersfield resident currently living in Kansas City, Mo, started making the calendars five years ago.

“The first year, the recipes were my own recipes or from my friend Holly Bikakis, who does the graphic design work for this,” said True.

“The first year we called it ‘The Art of Cooking.’

“The second year it was based on chefs that we knew from around the country.

“This is now our fifth year and all the recipes come from our friends so we call it ‘Cooking With Friends.’”

True received recipes, along with stories, and used that to create the art for that month on the calendar.

“They send me a recipe and a story and I read it and I think ‘How am I going to make something that goes with that?’ and sometimes it can be a challenge,” said True.

Along with visiting friends, she also spends her time here teaching a two-day art workshop.

One of her students, Bert McCarthy-Zablan, enjoyed the workshop.

“I got lucky this year,” said McCarthy-Zablan.

“I had an opening so I went to the painting class this year for two days and it was so fun, and I’m not a great artist.”

McCarthy-Zablan was there to pick up some calendars for her friends.

“I already have one and I came to get two more for gifts,” said McCarthy-Zablan.

“I love it so much and I have last year’s calendar too.  Her whimsical style is what I like.”

Her calendars featuring her artwork and recipes are available for purchase at her website