Column: Fall is no excuse to lose your style

Patricia Rocha, Editor in Chief

A single cloud has drifted over Bakersfield and you know what that means: Fall is finally here.

We’re finally in our transitional season, which is probably the most important for fashion, but it’s also the most notorious season for fail fashion.

Once it starts cooling down, most girls will abandon their cute summer tops for enormous sweatshirts and ditch their flirty skirts for sweats with PINK written across the behind.

I’m all for comfort. I am the girl with the gel insoles in her heels and extra flats in her purse. I’m only human.

What I’m not for is a total waste of potential in this new chilly weather. Those really cute pieces you completely ignore because they’re just going to the back of the closet could actually do more for your wardrobe than you think.

A really cute statement piece is always going to be a really cute statement piece. That sherbet-colored playsuit you wore in the summer will look great under a gray slouchy sweater with opaque tights.

Do the same with your summer dresses, but with a fitted pea coat and ankle boots.

A lot of fall trends are going to embrace the deeper tones like maroon, mustard, emerald and navy. These colors are great to use as neutrals for your more brightly colored summer pieces.

For example, a pair of shamrock-green pumps is going to pop against a navy long-sleeved top and jeans.

Also, don’t be afraid to embrace jeans. I know I’m hard on the denim wearers because I often see jeans as a fashion cop out, but with all of the colors, patterns and washes available now, it’s easy to make them the focal point of an outfit.

Maroon jeans in an all-black ensemble are definitely going to make a bigger impression than a simple dark wash would.

If you are going to go the comfort route, as least make sure it’s going to be flattering somehow.

Jeans are just as easy to throw on as yoga pants and sweats. If you want to curl up in a thick, knitted sweatshirt, belting it around the waste will at least let you keep your shape.

Getting up to get ready in the morning is going to be difficult when your cozy bed is the only place you want to be, so give yourself a break. Go ahead and put your hair into a top knot or scarf and just drape yourself in a coat. This way, you can let your focus in the morning be on your makeup and accessories.

The cold will give your cheeks a natural flush, so swipe on mascara and let your lips be the focal point with a bold plum lip. If you prefer ChapStick to lipstick, do the reverse and make your eyes pop with a soft gray smokey eye while replenishing your lips with a clear hydrating balm.

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t still look hot.