Drumstick restaurant reopens

Drumstick restaurant reopens

The Drumstick restaurant located at 1601 Panama Lane.

Daysi Meza, Reporter

The Drumstick Restaurant recently reopened under new management, with a more experienced and enthusiastic crew.  Walking into the Drumstick Restaurant was a relaxing and exciting experience that definitely exceeds customer’s expectations.

In this sparkling clean restaurant, located a few doors away from the Mexican Supermarket La Vallarta on Panama Lane, you can expect to find a variety of delicious food choices.

The menu includes: rotisserie and fried chicken dishes, wings, burgers, sandwiches and even vegetarian choices.

According to Mo Zanndani, the brother of the owner, the restaurant was closed for a month and a half due to the fact that their partner in business was not able to manage the restaurant anymore.

The restaurant was reopened on Oct 1, under a more committed and organized management.

Mo Zanndani explained the reasons behind reopening the restaurant.

“Because it has always been a great restaurant.

“It is a fun place to hang out with friends to watch games or just chill. It doesn’t get too over-crowded,” he said.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, the restaurant’s main goal is to provide a friendly customer service.

“Our goal is to make customers feel they are at home.

“We want to provide a friendly atmosphere, in which the waitress is our customers’ best friend,” he said.

Zanndani said that what makes their restaurant different from other restaurants that serve similar food is that.

“We have an authentic cooking style – we serve mango wings. No one else does in Bakersfield.”

The new general manager, Alma Casas, also serves as a waitress.

“The Drumstick Restaurant stands out from other restaurants for the simple fact that 98 percent of all our products are homemade,” she said.

“We make them from scratch. Most restaurants that I know don’t do that anymore.

“The location of the restaurant was perfect for business because there is no other ‘wing area’ around, we need this type of food in this area.”

So far, the most popular dish in the restaurant varies.  According to Casas, “Many people come to the restaurant just to try our famous mango wings, and others really enjoy our pastrami chili cheese fries, and rotisserie chicken.”

“I really like coming to this restaurant because they have a great customer service, and I really enjoy their rotisserie chicken; it is always fresh and delicious,” said Cindy Flores as she finished her lunch.

All the dishes at the restaurant are prepared by the cook from New Orleans, Genesis Lambert.

“Serving great food is a matter of experience and consistency.  As a cook, you have to make sure your food has the same great taste every time you serve it,” Lambert said.