Talladega frightens again


Talladega Frights owner, Mike Wilbur, as one of the fright clowns attempts to frighten attendees by telling the story of his smile.

Ruben Perez, Reporter

Bakersfield’s only haunted attraction Talladega Frights returns with a vengeance to scare local residents.

Owner Mike Wilbur started Talladega Frights at his own house and ran it there for a few years before having to move to a larger location.

“We had to close neighborhood streets down to accommodate the hour and two hour lines,” said Wilbur.

They were able to work with North of the River parks and move to the Fruitvale Norris Park and when they outgrew that location came to their current spot on Rosedale Highway, which is also owned by NOR.

Every year they continue to get bigger and add more attractions. At the Rosedale location they were able to add more family friendly attractions.

“We added a corn maze and pumpkin patch, things where families could come out and have a good Halloween experience,” said Wilbur.

The family friendliness is what brought out the Oxley’s and their kids.

“Well we saw all the security and thought this would be a better alternative to watching movies,” said Terry Oxley.

This is the second year the Oxley’s have brought their kids.Most of the staff is volunteers and of the volunteer staff most of them are returning members. “We’ve become like a family and some of our members hang out even when it’s not Halloween,” said Wilbur.

Family friendliness aside, the main attractions are still the haunted houses. This year the haunted houses are themed as an insane asylum and the smaller house is fun house themed.

Chloe Flores, 12, went with friends through the haunted house. “If you’re holding onto someone then it’s not really that scary. I was in the middle and there was a girl we didn’t even know and my head was buried in her neck the whole time.

“Even if you don’t look it’s still very scary,” said Flores.

Talladega, with its haunted houses, mazes, and family attractions, not only plans to continue adding, but will also be moving to a larger location.

“We’ve outgrown this 20 acres already and we’re looking at more of a 40 acre spot where we can keep expanding and growing and bringing new attractions,” said Wilbur.

Talladega Frights will also be staying open until Nov. 4 this year since Halloween happens to fall on a Wednesday.