Green club on campus wants to help change environment

Ruben Perez, Reporter

The Go Green Club is a new club that wants to help change the environment.

The group was inspired by the book “No Impact Man” by Colin Beavan. Last semester was their first as a group on campus and already started making a difference.

“Last semester we picked up trash around the campus on Fridays,” said club president Rose Ayala. “We participated in keep Bakersfield Beautiful, which is also about picking up trash, but it’s also around town.”

This semester they’ve continued with their green mission.

“We participated at the Bakersfield Blues Fest,” said Cespedes. “Everything was recycled. There was no trash can, and we participated on the ‘Make a Difference’ day. We collected batteries, old shoes and telephones.”

One of the goals for the club is to try and bring recycling bins to the Bakersfield College campus.  “We’re planning to get along with MESA, so we’re trying to get the recycle bins around campus and inside the buildings too,” said Ayala. “We are the only college with no recycle bins in Kern County.”

The group is about 10 active members and encourages more students to get involved in making the school a greener place.