Action sports helps the hungry with Cans for Jams event

Daysi Meza, Reporter

Action Sports sponsored a fundraising event called Cans for Jams, with two main purposes in mind: to promote the upcoming season and most importantly to promote awareness to help the less fortunate during the Thanksgiving season.

During the event, several snowboard companies participated by setting up their vendors outside the store and even donating prizes for the raffle.

Some of the participating companies include: Electric Visual, China Peak, Sierra, and Ride Snowboard.

According to buyer manager, Kim Tran, who was the chief organizer of the event, Action Sports has been sponsoring this event for three consecutive years, with the exception of last year, as the event was canceled due to heavy rain.

“We really want to do something that we don’t have in Bakersfield, and at the same time help the less fortunate in such an important season of the year,” said Tran when asked what was the main reason they sponsored an event like this one.

They also held a snowboarding competition, in which 12 snowboard riders slid down the snowboard ramp. The event took place on Nov. 17. Tran commented on the turnout.

“Two years ago we had a big turnout, as we had the BMX Pro Bike Show, unfortunately this year we had to cancel it; yet we still had around 200 to 300 people attending the event.”

Bill Carter, who attended the  event, commented on the festivities.

“I came here today to donate cans because I strongly believe it is important to help the less fortunate during this season, as Thanksgiving is a season to share, and cooperate with others in serious need,” said Carter.

Attendees watched snowboard riders slide down the ramp, which was made out of real snow.

“I have attended this event before, and I really enjoy watching people build the ramp and sliding on it,” said McKey. “This is the main reason I have come today.”

At the end of the event, people donated a full-shopping cart, which will be collected by the Golden Empire Gleaners, a private food bank, whose main mission is to help alleviate hunger and provide food for needy persons in Kern County.