Dancing to a native beat


Carlota Coronado, 20, wearing a jingle dress during the Native American Culture Awareness Club.

Omar Oseguera, Photo and Multimedia Editor

The Bakersfield College Native American Awareness Club has been hosting events to inform BC students on Native American culture, including a cultural awareness dance and singing that took place on Nov. 14.

Richard Langdeaux, a plant science major at BC, is president of the club and was in charge of organizing the events.

“It was a demonstration of modern singing and pow wow. We had a lot of different Regalias from different areas of the United States,” said Langdeaux on the dance and singing event.

The events are all on behalf of Native American Awareness month, which Langdeaux has celebrated on BC campus by informing students on the history of Native Americans as well.

“We [handed] out fliers giving backgrounds on different stories, meanings, words and languages, and to give information on Thanksgiving. The history of Thanksgiving and what it means,” said Langdeaux.

Langdeaux was, overall, happy with the turnouts to each event.

“I’m really thankful for the community to come out and participate,” said Langdeaux. “It helped bring awareness that there are a lot of tribes living here in Bakersfield.”

The club’s next event will be on Nov. 29in the Fireside Room, which will be Native American Craft Day. At the event, visitors will also be able to buy fry bread, a meal many modern day Native Americans eat.