BC students get back to the grind

Alana Garrett, Reporter

It’s back to school time again and it’s time to put away the videogames, turn on your alarms and prepare for all nighters. Bakersfield College is back in session for its spring semester and the students are back for school.

Alejandra Arias, an 18-year-old student who is hoping to get into medical school, stated her goal this semester.

“I’m hoping to get A’s in all my classes and focus on studying,” Arias said. “I’m not a fan of my math class this semester,.”

She also noted that she is taking Spanish, communication, nutrition and math classes.

“This semester not many things have changed, just my schedule,” she stated.

Arias said if she could change one thing about this school it would be the parking. She said she is hoping for “more parking” this semester and for the fall semester.

Another student, Joseph Strong, a 20-year-old business major at BC, said his goal this semester is to simply pass his classes.

“I want to pass and show up for all my classes,” Strong said.

Strong also said if he could change one thing at the school he would lower the text book prices.

Veronica Sandoval, a 26-year-old liberal studies major who is in her second semester at BC, said her experience this semester has been going good so far. But Sandoval also didn’t get into a class that she was most excited for.

“I was really hoping to get into the ethics of living and dying, but I didn’t make it off of the waitlist,” Sandoval said.

She went on to say that she was hoping to achieve strong grades in all of her classes.

“I want to ace all my classes and I would really like to be more social,” she said. “I mean I have never even been in the cafeteria to be honest.”

Sandoval, like many other students, was ready to come back.

“I need to finish school so I was ready,” she said.

Sandoval also said she hopes in the future that BC “will stop changing the editions of the text books.”