Woman wins multiple radio contests

Woman wins multiple radio contests

Hannah Breeland

Alyce Gautreaux

Hannah Breeland, Opinions Editor

By Hannah Breeland

Opinions Editor


After months of trying, a woman wins it big. Alyce Gautreaux, a loyal listener to the radio station 94.1 Hot FM won the daily “Pay My Bills” contest, a grand total of $366. However, it’s not her first win from the radio station.

It all started on Dec. 20 when Gautreaux won $187 from a contest where people guess within five cents of how much money the DJ has. “I was surprised it had even gotten that high.”

After that, Gautreaux won Condors tickets and CSUB basketball tickets in January on the same day. Both were prizes for the contest called “Romeo’s Dumb-Ass Question.” The following day she won movie tickets.

“It’s such a rush winning,” she said. “That’s why I do it so much. I give most of the prizes I win to friends and family, besides the money of course.”

Gautreaux’s lucky streak continued in February, followed by an even bigger win in March.

“I won the family four pack tickets to Disneyland, along with movie tickets and lunch for my office,” she said. “I’m really excited about Disneyland. I am taking my son, who you can guess is excited.

“Beside the Disneyland tickets, winning the office lunch was a lot of fun. We had it on speakerphone so the whole office was participating.

“We had to answer five questions; we didn’t know the third one so they hung up on us.

“We called back right away and luckily we got through. It was funny because after they asked us a question Romeo heard me typing and he said ‘you’re cheating by Googleing it’ but it didn’t matter.

“We won and he delivered lunch to us personally.”

After winning lunch Gautreaux was determined not to call in for any contests for a while.

“I had every intention of laying low until April to give other people a chance, but the one contest I have been participating in religiously since December was the “Pay My Bills” contest,” she said. “You just send them your bill either by email, fax, or mail. I have emailed and faxed my bills three times a day basically every day. In the emails I say please pay my bills and one time Randy responded to me saying, ‘dang girl you have a lot of bills.’ I responded by saying, ‘pay my bills then.’”

On March 29, after months of trying, Gautreaux won the “Pay My Bills” contest for her cell phone bill.

“I couldn’t believe I finally won after all this time,” she said. “My friends and family are excited but also a little jealous. I’m still going to enter for the “Pay My Bills.”