Dr. Devito brings an eclectic sound to Bako, gives humor too

Dr. Devito brings an eclectic sound to Bako, gives humor too

Mayan Lara

Bass player, Ryan Forthman and lead singer Jacob Ninomiya got really into their songs.

Alana Garrett, Reporter

By Alana Garrett



Dr. DeVito performed on April 12 at Jerry’s Pizza and the place was filled with many fans of this local band.

The band Dr. DeVito consists of Jacob Ninomiya who provides vocals; Justin Ramirez, who plays guitar; Ryan Forthman, who plays bass; and Chris Ramon, the drummer. Each member of the band adds his own twist to the band’s image and sound.

The lead singer’s voice is melodic and provides a feeling of relaxation. Ramirez and Forthman provide excellent sounds on their guitars, and Ramon adds the drumbeats.

Many of the bands songs were psychedelic and relaxing, but they also played upbeat songs like “Tiger Town” that had many of the audience members dancing. One audience member, Daniel Calderone, 21, said, “I never thought I would be into them but their songs are actually really good.”

Calderone also said “I came to chill at Jerry’s but I’m glad I got to see them perform.”

After the show, the band took some time to chat with their fans and answer some questions.

The first question they were asked was where their band name came from; the bass guitarist Forthman replied, “We’re all really big Danny Devito fans.” The band went on to say one of their favorite bands was Korn, another Bakersfield native band. Dr. DeVito even had a sense of humor when they were asked why they started the band.

Ramirez joked saying “We actually aren’t even doing it for the music, we’re doing it because we want to open a hot dog stand.”

Forthman said, “We want to go to New York and play in the future if New York is ready for us.” Dr. DeVito will be playing more shows this month in Bakersfield. Check out their website, www.doctordevito.com.