Beloved show Rocky Horror still shocks

Sharida Rejon, Reporter

The Velvet Darkness has done it again.

The Velvet Darkness, a troupe of local actors, celebrated the 10th anniversary of their stage production of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” at The Empty Space on Aug. 30-31. The production consisted of The Velvet Darkness actors acting out the scenes, while the popular film plays on a screen behind them.

Most of the actors involved in this production have been playing their role for several years, but The Velvet Darkness also welcomes new actors.

Christian Fredericksen, a local actor who has been involved in theater for a year, was part of the audience twice before he decided to audition to be a performer in the show. He was cast as a “tranny,” or Transylvanian party guest during the “Time Warp” scene of the show. “The whole experience was like a wild party,” Fredericksen said. “This is easily the most far out fun I’ve had since getting involved in acting.”

Due to the show’s popularity and quality, The Velvet Darkness was invited to perform the show at the Fox Theater in Taft on Sept. 6.

According to Fredericksen, performing the show can be a bit of a challenge. “Learning a choreographed dance that has to look like what’s happening on the screen can be challenging,” he said. “But to hear the audience cheer for us, to laugh with us. That’s the payoff for me.”