Former BC student rocks, rolls in L.A.

Courtesy of Breanna Fields

Cindy Hernandez, Reporter

Former Bakersfield College student Breanna Fields, 20, has ditched her studies and is well on her way of pursuing her musical career.

“I felt it was time to pursue my passion,” she said. Fields learned to play guitar at age 14. In April 2013 she decided to move to Los Angeles knowing that would be the place for her to make connections with people in the industry in order for her to become a successful musician.

She is living in a nine-bedroom cooperative community townhouse called Synchronicity LA with 11 other artists including musicians, social workers, teachers, scientists, engineers, filmmakers, cooks, historians, and more. “I’m playing with other musicians here,” Fields says.

Fields main project is working with musician Johanna Chase, who also lives across the street on “The Boulevard.” They are currently working on recording music together and eventually going on tour.

Breanna says, “We can do something special and something different, ‘cause I’m into classic rock and she’s into folk.” Chase and Fields have played together at House of Blues in the Foundation Room.

Fields is also the guitarist for a band called Adam Bones. The band is named after the vocalist who originally formed the band with his brother and other members.

Adam Bones now consists of three females and one male. Tracy Lambertucci plays bass, Rikki Watson plays the drums, Breanna Fields plays the lead guitar, and Adam Bones plays rhythm guitar.

When Fields and the other women joined, they kept the name of the band. They also still play all the same songs.

They usually have between five to six shows a month. One venue she mentioned playing at was The Viper Room on the Sunset Strip.

Fields enjoys playing with the band and specifically Bones. She says, “He’s such an interesting person playing live, he’s a good performer.”

The band is managed by Knitting Factory Management, which promotes their music and books shows. They are making money playing shows. Adam Bones played at On The Rocks in Bakersfield on Aug. 23, and Fields said that the band will possibly be playing in Bakersfield again in a few months.