Cookies contest just one of many at fair

Mayan Lara

Jason Reed, Reporter

Lois Ernst was happy to celebrate her second ever first place victory in the annual Grandma and Grandpa Cookie contest. She made peanut butter kiss cookies and when both judges took a bite and nodded their heads with smiles on their faces Ernst also looked at her husband and smiled herself.

“I’ve made it before,” Ernst said when asked if she ever made the peanut butter kiss cookie. “I thought the event turned out well. I just enjoy doing this,” she added.  Ernst said this is the first time she had ever made the cookie for the contest but has made it before.

Sharon Black who finished in second place said, “I thought it was fun. I love seeing the kids eat the cookies.”

“This is the first time we have ever done cookies,” she said. “We’ve done pie in the past and to finish in second is very acceptable considering with this being the first time.”

“It’s always a good time doing this,” host Linda Swanson said when asked about the event turn out and what she enjoys the most about it. “We usually have more participants but we were still pleased with the outcome.”

Swanson says they will have cupcakes and pie judging contests at the fair also.