Bakersfield welcomes back Scream in the Dark

Cassandra McGowan, Reporter

After an 11-year hiatus, Bakersfield’s original haunt screams its way back onto the scene.
Scream in the Dark has returned to Bakersfield, but don’t let the old name fool you, this isn’t the same old haunted house from the ’90s.
David Enloe has a long career in electrical, sound and lighting, as well as producing Chamber of Chills, The Chamber, and the Bakersfield Association for Retarded Citizens annual Christmas event, The Magical Forest, and is no stranger to the Halloween experience.
He’s set up everything from conventions to concerts and said that switching to events like Scream in the Dark was a simple transition.
“Scream in the Dark is obviously an old name, but it’s a new event and there’s a lot of people who don’t know that,” said Ensloe. “We’re rebooting something, this is not a sequel to it or anything, we’re rebooting it in our way, CC Productions way.”
There is a small 20-person cast of various ages and backgrounds ranging from grandmothers to doctors, most of whom are friends and family of Enloe. He said they really love to be a part of this haunt and have been with him in his numerous endeavors over the past 12 years.
This year’s maniacal maze also boasts a Hollywood makeup artist and a professional costume-maker.
“We have some of the best makeup in the world right in that trailer right there… Our makeup department is insane,” said Enloe.
The theme of the new Scream in the Dark has yet to be determined as Ensloe said they just want to let it take on its own scary saga.
“We’re kind of letting this write its own story, in a sense,” Enloe said.
“You enter through the hedge and then you enter the house, or lodge, or insane asylum, who knows what it is at this point.”
While there is no age limit for Scream in the Dark, Enloe warns, “This could scare a grown man, and we have scared a grown man,” but also says that parents are more aware of the limits their children are able to handle than are the staff.
He said they’ve entertained groups of 7, 8, and 9-year-olds who “had the time of their lives.”
Even though Ensloe and his crew are out to give a fright they also try to make a difference in the community by allowing companies and non-profits to host charity events at Scream in the Dark. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and appropriately so, Enloe will be hosting a charity night, complete with pink lighting in the front of the maze, to raise money for breast cancer awareness.
As the cost of attending events is rising, Enloe wants to keep his venue at an affordable cost so families are able to visit.
“There’s no hidden costs, it’s just $10 and that’s it,” said Enloe. Coupons for one dollar off are available at Carl’s Jr. and Sonic restaurants.
Scream in the Dark is located at 3201 F street in the parking lot of the Golden State Mall, runs through Oct. 31, and opens at 7 p.m.