Houchin and SGA team up for annual BC blood drive

Bernie Rejon

Elizabeth Fernandez, Reporter

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BD-1Bakersfield College Student Government Association hosted its annual blood drive with the Houchin Community Blood Blank, on March 12-13.
“We’re really excited – people are really excited!” SGA senator Eric Beadle said, “People were indifferent last year.”
The sign-up list to donate blood contained 75 names by 11:00 a.m. on the first day of the two-day event, a mere two hours after the event had actually been scheduled to start.
SGA representatives took turns passing out free breakfast burritos to students as they entered the Fireside Room for their health screenings. There was also water and chips available for students to have inside while they went through the screening process.
Stephanie Gibbons, the blood bank’s community development account manager was also handing out free t-shirts.
“We want schools to encourage students to donate as much as they can. Some teachers on campus are even giving extra credit to students that come,” she said.
Gibbons has been coming to BC’s campus blood drive since she started working with Houchin, and proudly stated, “It’s been 12 years now. I’ve enjoyed being a part of it.”
Gibbons presented the SGA president, Shelby Sward, with the 10th place 2013 National Cesar E. Chavez Blood Drive Challenge Award for Colleges and Universities. Although BC had placed fifth the year before, SGA is not discouraged.
This year’s blood-drive vehicles were actually allowed to park in the middle of the campus.
“We had been asking administration to let us have them there in past years,” Gibbons said. “This year administration finally allowed it.”
She said the location of the vehicles serves as a reminder to students that the blood drive is going on.
“We are the only blood bank in Kern County, that’s why it is so important,” she said. “Our mission is to have a healthy blood supply.”
Although students are only allowed to donate on one of the two blood drive dates, Houchin does encourage students who wish to donate to visit any of its regular locations.
Students must wait a minimum of 56 days between donations, but may donate a total of six times a year.

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