BC students’ indie band remedies hate with show-packing music

Brooke Howard, Reporter

A band made up of two current students and one alumni of Bakersfield College is catching a lot of local attention and not just for their unique name.

The band Hate Drugs have packed downtown buildings and churches alike with a big show coming up at The Summit Coffee House at 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 21.

David Caploe, who plays lead vocals and guitar, talked about the creation of the band and said, “I came back from Hawaii last winter and got a job working at Northside Church doing worship, so I had to put a team together.”

All of the band members had one thing in common: their love for Indie music. Not long after they started practicing for the church, they were writing their own songs in the indie genre.

Caploe recalled the first time they stayed after practice to play their own music.

“We jammed once and we were like, ‘Yeah, this is it,’” he said.

“The name Hate Drugs was at first referred to as a joke,” Caploe continued. “I wrote it on my shoe and wore it to a band practice and they asked ‘Hey, what’s that?’ ‘The new band name,’ I said … and it just kind of stuck.”

When asked what the meaning of the band name meant to him, Caploe said, “Hate Drugs can mean whatever you perceive it as. You can take it as the meaning is love. Love is the drug [remedy] for hate.”

Caploe also writes the lyrics and does the graphic design for the band, which both can be found at the bands website www.hatedrugs.bandcamp.com.

Other members of the band include Josiah Caploe (keyboard), Norman Lee (lead guitar), Josh Irwin (bass) and Adrian Diaz (drums).

You can see pictures and a bio of each member on their Instagram profile @hatedrugsmusic.

“I have a lot of people tell me they listen to our music while doing homework and to just chill-out,” David Caploe said.

To check out Hate Drugs, visit www.soundcloud.com/hate-drugs or visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/HATEDRUGSMUSIC.