Stop limiting yourself

Brooke Howard, Features Editor

We need to break out of this mediocre norm that has been put in place as our new standard. Everywhere I see people just giving up because things take a little effort.

This is especially true for community college students.

Our graduation rate at Bakersfield College is down 17 percent in the past five years. Studies show that only 16 percent of students that attend BC are actually transferring or going on to graduation. On top of that, it takes students almost three times longer to complete the graduation tasks from our other community college counterparts.

How do we fix this? Whether your path is just going to BC, to get your AA, to transfer or to simply just refresh yourself with some courses, there are ways you can stay focused and look at a bigger goal than you probably thought was possible.

Something that is truly important in life is to have someone who always tells you the cold, hard truth.

This is one of the many reasons that moms become the best counselors later in life. A mom will tell you the truth. But you can also find this quality in trusty friends or other family members. Bottom line: you need a truthful advisor to call you out. This is especially important when you are making big life decisions. A friend that tells you the truth will also tell you that you can’t become the world’s next Top Chef if you aren’t good at cooking, or next hip-hop star with a fire mix tape you made just because it’s cool. Your truthful friend will tell you your strengths, and why you should pursue them.

Another important thing to have in life is a board, notepad or anything you look at daily, with your goals on them. When you have a constant reminder of where you want to be, it becomes within grasp. The only obstacles we face are our own minds.

Sometimes there will be slumps. Sometimes your progress and little victories won’t be shown and that’s OK because not everyone needs to know. And in the end, the success is yours, not theirs. Just remember that when things get hard, just keep pushing.

A really successful man once told me he never helps people because if they deserve it, they will work hard and get it themselves. He said, “This world needs ditch-diggers, so allow them to be lazy and stay a ditch-digger.”

What a prick, I know. But let those kinds of people give you the drive to show them that ditch-diggers may rise and powerful executives may fall.

It’s up to you to get out of your comfort zone, to use your talents and skills and cultivate a life that you feel is prospering and happy.