Annual Kern County Fair is back in town

Crystal Valdez, Reporter


The Kern County Fair is making its annual comeback to Bakersfield and students at Bakersfield College are looking forward to it. There will be a medley of carnival food, rides and games, musical performances – as well as animal interactive events, and these are only a fraction of what this year’s fair has to offer.

Biology major Michael Martinez, 20, stated “I already have money set aside just for fair food, so I’d say I’m mostly looking forward to the food. There are so many options to choose from. My favorites are definitely funnel cakes, and anything wrapped in bacon.”

Child development major Marisela Zavala, 20, stated, “I’m going this year with my boyfriend. It’s the first time we go together as a couple, and I’m super excited! We’re going to the rodeo. I’ve never been to one before, but he loves it. It should be a lot of fun.”

For many busy students on campus, the KC Fair will serve as an opportunity to have fun and spend time with friends and family.

“The fair food and the games are great and all, but I’m more excited to spend time with my family outside of the house. With both work and school, it’s been difficult to make time for people who are important to me,” stated fire safety major Arcadio Garcia, 21.

Garcia emphasized the importance of spending a day at the KC Fair with those who mean a lot to him. Times have been hectic and stressful for his family, so Garcia is looking forward to watch them focus on fun for the day.

Child development major Noemi De La Torre, 19, mentioned that she is going to the KC Fair with her boyfriend this year.

“We’re excited to share a funnel cake, but we’re mostly excited for the concerts. We’re going for Love and Theft, and Parmalee,” she stated.

The KC Fair will host a variety of live music events every night at the Bud Weiser Pavilion. In addition to Love and Theft and Parmalee, The Beach Boys will perform on opening night, and R&B singer and songwriter Ashanti will perform later  during the first week.

KC Fair CEO Mike Olcott is confident that the lineup this year will entertain fairgoers because “There is something for everyone. The lineup is great this year. We got a lot of great acts for everyone’s age group and what everybody’s interested in: country, r&b, rock, Christian, to name just a few,” stated Olcott.

All concerts are free and abide by a first come first serve basis. For those who want a front row seat, punctuality is crucial.

There will also be various events at the KC Fair to entertain guests. A prominent theme this year is animals.

Butterfly Adventures is making a comeback, as well as the Pollywood Bird Show.

There will be many animal races this year, including the Turkey Stampede, the All-Alaskan Racing Pigs, and the new Great American Duck Race. Olcott said, “The kids love the racing pigs, and the turkeys, too.”

He is also confident that these events will provoke positive reactions from children and parents alike.

Olcott additionally confirmed that the adult carnival area has been expanded in order to prevent crowding, and the children’s carnival area will welcome a new attraction.

The KC Fair will take place Sept. 23-Oct. 4. Adult admission is $10, and senior (ages 55+) admission is $9. Children (ages 6-12) admission is $5; children under 6, as well as active or retired military personnel, get in for free.

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