Bakersfield College hosts 61st annual Alumni Barbecue

Carl E Littleberry Jr., Reporter


Bakersfield College hosted the 61st Annual Fall Alumni Barbecue on Thursday Sept. 17th in the BC Fireside room attempting to raise funds for the Athletic Department.

Focusing on fall sports some key BC sports in attendance were the football and cross-country teams, along with women’s soccer and volleyball.

Showing their support for the fall teams, many alumni were in attendance for the event.

As usual, the BC Culinary Department led by head chef Eric Sebella provided the food for the evening. The menu consisted of grilled New York steaks and barbecue chicken as the main courses. The sides offered were chili beans, with tossed salad topped with special vinaigrette dressing.

For dessert the culinary departed offered an assortment of Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream as one choice, and fried donuts as another.

Acting as host of the barbecue, BC Sports Information Director, Francis Mayer, opened with a short speech thanking those who came in support of the Renegades.

“I would like to thank everyone for their support of our Athletic Department. These athletes are working hard everyday and I know they appreciate what you’re doing here today.” After a few more words from Mayer, he relinquished the podium to BC President Sonya Christian.

Before Christian could utter a word, the entirety of the audience rose up to give her a two-minute standing ovation showing their support for the recently embattled president.

Addressing the raucous crowd, Christian spoke mainly on the effect the athletics have on students’ lives also giving thanks to the coaches and staff for their efforts with the student athletes.

Finishing the speech, Christian chose to show a more personal side thanking the faculty and students for their support over her recent contract talks. “I wouldn’t be here without you people right here. From parents to students, I deeply thank you…. I truly appreciate what this school has done for me in my life.”

After the candid speech from Christian, Coach Dahl, the head coach of the women’s basketball team, lead the crowd in a “WE ARE BC” chant leaving Christian at a loss for words as she exited the podium.

After the lengthy chanting from the crowd, Mayer returned to the podium to auction off a few goodies to the guests.

The big winner of the night was BC Athletic Director Sandi Taylor winning a 45” flat-screen television.

After the raffle, Mayer gave way to the BC drum-line and cheerleaders for separate performances.

After the performances, Becki Whitson, the BC cheerleading coach, ended with closing remarks for the audience, “Thank you everyone for coming tonight, we do this every year and it’s because of the great people who come through BC every year that we can do this.”

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