New club brings art, theater and music together

AK Pachla, Reporter

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Art, Theatre, Music, a new student club at Bakersfield College, intends to make its Fall 2015 inaugural season a truly royal affair.

ATM club president Monique Hansen envisions “A Knight to Remember” as an Elizabethan-era style performance, where the audience itself plays the role of Shakespearian groundlings, offering their appreciation … along with maybe some coin … for the performers.

Hansen describes the ATM club as “a travelling acting and improvisation group” performing at large.

“We want to be able to tie in the community,” she says, but to make a future for the club, it needs the community’s help. The idea behind the Shakespearian style is to encourage club sponsorship, both from the student audience and the larger Bakersfield community.

While there is currently no firm date set for the event, auditions are under way and ongoing. Singers, poets, presenters, actors and musicians alike have auditioned for a spot in the lineup, and ATM is excited to add more performers and club members.

Singer and ATM Vice President Destinee Hernandez says the club is geared for universal artistic acceptance. Hernandez calls ATM “a chance for us to be able to be a family, to bond, and to show each other our talents, both emotionally and physically.”

Hansen, a self-described “theater geek” with a background in acting and dramatic reading, has scheduled a month full of club meetings and open auditions in an effort to include as many BC artists as possible. In September alone, three open auditions have already been held; with three more on the way, and the cast list is growing steadily.

ATM will be holding open auditions from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Fireside Room (located in the Campus Center foyer) on Sept. 23-24 and Sept. 29. Performing artists of all styles, types, and skill levels are welcome and encouraged to audition. Auditions are also available by appointment if artists have scheduling conflicts.

Students who are interested in auditioning for a spot in the “A Knight to Remember” performance lineup are invited to attend one of the scheduled open auditions. Prospective performers may contact the club via their Facebook page (search ATMatBC at, or email Monique Hansen at [email protected] to schedule an audition or for more information about the club.

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