Swim Lessons at BC’s aquatic center were a success for all ages

Chris Miller, Reporter


The swim lessons event held at the Bakersfield College pool Sept. 19, was a success. There were an estimated 30 attendees.

The swim lessons took place alongside the 12-hour relay that involved the BC swim team and the Bakersfield Aquatics Club. The swimmers who participated in the 12-hour relay also taught the lessons to those who signed up.

Lyle Drake, 19, and Steve Santana, 19, were two BC swim team members who participated in the 12 hour relay and gave swim lessons to some of the children who signed up. According to them, the ages of the children who signed up for the lessons varied from 2 to 14 years old.

Patrick Zuniga, the BC assistant swim coach, said they were given lots of positive feedback about the event.

When asked whether they would do the lessons again, he laughed and said, “Yes, but next time I think we’ll just do a 6-hour relay instead.”