The Kern County Fair lights up Bakersfield

Mason J. Rockfellow, Photo Editor

Photos by: Mason J. Rockfellow and Joe Bergman

The Kern County Fair, which ended Oct. 4, was a big highlight for Bakersfield, welcoming everyone to the fairgrounds for the rides, food, entertainment, and to relive the experience every year.
The weather didn’t cool off much for the first week, but that didn’t stop people from coming out to the fair, even though a few said that the fair has been much slower than in the past.
Mark Jones, 58, who has been working at the Karmel Korn booth since 1978, said, “So far it has been a little slower. When the Beach Boys were here it was significantly better.”
The Karmel Korn booth has been with the Kern County Fair since 1946 and is put together by Mill Creek Christian Church and everything about the booth is all volunteered, with proceeds going to all types of charities and organizations including youth camp scholarships, AYSO Soccer, and Salvation Army just to name a few.
Even the carnival workers seemed to notice that this year hasn’t brought as many people as they are used to.
Shellie Miramontes, 48, who was working the Shoot the Hoop booth, had also noticed the lack of attendees at this year’s fair.
“I love the fair, I just think that it’s either the economy, or it’s the fires, or a little bit of both. It has slowed down a lot, even on good gigs it has slowed down,” said Miramontes.
The fair doesn’t just bring locals but also brings out-of-towners.
The Kern County Fair was new for Tassie Murdock, 42, from Paso Robles. She was brought to the fair due to her son, Dalton Smith, 20. Smith has been traveling with the fair working the mechanical bull.
Murdock hadn’t seen Smith for a month, since he has been working. Smith was in Madera before coming to Bakersfield for the Kern County Fair.
“It’s nice,” said Murdock, “It’s a lot bigger then the Paso fair, and a lot more things to do.”
The fair is full of entertainment but some just come for the fair food because it only comes around once a year.
Jerusalen Mosqueda, 21, has been coming every year for a while and now she mostly comes for the food.
“I come every year for the food, used to come for the rides, but now that I have a baby, I mainly come for the food,” said Mosqueda.
There are also those who come to the fair every year because it’s part of their past and it is still something they look forward to every year.
Virgina Loustalot, 30, and Dominic Loustalot, 30, who were at the fair with their children shared their thoughts on the fair.
The Loustalots were both born and raised in Bakersfield. They explained how they used to come to the fair when they were kids, and it’s something they look forward to every year.
“We love the fair every year,” said Dominic. “We like the rides, seeing the animals and the food.”