BC gets a dose of Vitamin C

Carl E. Littleberry Jr., Reporter


The Bakersfield College Agricultural Department hosted its annual orange sale on Jan. 27-28, organized by longtime agriculture teacher Bill Kelly.

The oranges, which are Washington naval oranges, are located in a small grove near the main campus entrance exiting Haley Street, and were being sold in large paper or plastic bags, differing in price depending on whether you picked the oranges yourself.

Picking the oranges yourself would cost $5 per bag, while pre-picked rose to $10 a bag and were picked by BC students.

Kelly employs both his Forestry and Natural Resources classes to help with the set up and picking of oranges allowing for all proceeds to go toward the Agriculture foundation accounts.

The accounts go toward funding scholarships and field trips for Agriculture students at BC.

According to Kelly, “These orange trees are ripe with great juicy and sweet oranges for everybody in Bakersfield. Our oranges cost nearly half as much as the nearby supermarkets, so really we are trying to help out the community more than anything. Even if it’s just oranges.”

Having been planted by Keath Haycock in 1975, these orange trees are a mainstay on the BC campus.