The Force is strong among BC ‘Star Wars’ fans

James Macias , Reporter


In the wake of the new “Star Wars” offering, Bakersfield College fans seem to agree that it’s a hit. After years of lackluster offerings from the “Star Wars” franchise and vocal disapproval from the fan community, this new film seems to have hit the spot.

“Star Wars” fans are usually very passionate in their feelings about this sacred mythology. Indeed you will never find a “Star Wars” fan who can discuss the subject in a casual speaking tone or at polite volume.

“I love Star Wars! I always have, and I always will!” shouted Benjamin McMahon, 18, a student of BC.  “Mythologically, ‘Star Wars’ represents the battle between good and evil on an objective level.”

Many fans on the BC campus were so moved by Han Solo’s death that they cried openly. “I didn’t need to speak Wookie to understand Chewie’s forlorn roar! He said ‘Nooooo!’ and I felt his pain deeply,” said BC student Chris Garcia.

In fact, of all the fans interviewed, only two said they did not cry.

“I thought it was finely crafted and dramatic. I didn’t cry when Han died.  I felt like it was good for Kylo Ren’s character, and I am completely done with death stars,” said Jed Scott, 42, a student of BC.

There is a certain disappointment with the whole “giant space station that has a tiny weak spot that only a fighter can hit” ideas which are rehashed in the movie’s plot, but overall everyone seems to agree that J.J. Abrams and the crew at Disney have really knocked this one out of the park.

Amadeo Treveno, a student of BC, found the movie predictable and still managed to enjoy it. “I saw it all coming, but it was still great!”

The general feeling is that if the next two installments are as good as this one, fandom will be happy.

“I thought it was very true to the myth, and though I was upset that Harrison Ford had to go, I enjoyed the redemption subplot that is being built up around Kylo Ren,” said Andre Castillo, a student of BC.

One student, who chose to remain anonymous, said, “More than anything, it left me wanting more.”