Singer/ Songwriter Showcase was fun for both amateurs and experienced performers

Stephen Underwood, Reporter

A responsive crowd gathered at the Deedra Patrick Singer/Songwriter Showcase for a night of fun at Open Door Church on Sept. 16.

Patrick’s show had more than 20 confirmed acts, ranging from amateurs to experienced performers.

This festival featured the likes of Edmond Miginily, who is one of the younger artists. Blooming Privets, Neu Trick, and Kadin Hernandez were also on the roster. “I’ve done a lot of shows, but this is one of a few times I got to perform at a showcase like this. It was an honor. It was awesome getting to see so many up-and-coming voices and songwriters. So much talent,” Hernandez said.

Attendees paid a $5 cover charge when the doors opened at 6:30 p.m. Pizza and homemade cookies were sold and distributed separately.

“Deedra put on a very professional, put-together show, and the crowd was amazing showing so much support for everyone that walked through that door onto the stage,” Hernandez mentioned.

Some of the experienced performers record professionally. Kadin Hernandez said, “I’m recording traditional country music with inspiration from some of my favorite classic rock artists! I played one song I released a few months ago on the European market.”

Hernandez  has been an actual student of Deedra Patrick before performing at this recent showcase. “I started writing songs many years ago, building my skills little by little, and thanks to Deedra my skills have improved a ton now,” he said.

Patrick has been a professional touring musician until she turned 30; following a car accident in which she suffered a head injury. After the accident, it was uncertain whether or not she would continue performing. She considered it, but instead chose to teach music.

“My biggest inspiration is my son. I have to support him, but don’t want to quit music,” Deedra says. Her son, Matthew, is taught by her. Originally she taught only students wishing to learn how to sing heavy metal vocals.

Her first student was a person named Dane from the group Secret Five. If questioned about her confidence and esteem at the time she has no problem admitting or saying, “For the first few years of teaching I was frustrated and may have had doubts. I never thought I would teach previously.”

She later kept getting more students with disabilities. Prior to teaching, she lived in Los Angeles during her touring career. Her family lives in Bakersfield, though, and she gets support and help from them.

“I saw this as a spiritual mission from God when I started getting more disabled students,” she declared when asked if her son and her own problems truly are the only cause for her sticking with teaching in the beginning despite being frustrated. She has a philosophy that anyone regardless of disability or talent can learn to sing, and states, “People have certain pitches they have trouble singing, but they can be trained to understand their body anatomy besides the obvious throat and stomach to improve singing abilities.

“This showcase is a way for me to show that anyone can be a singer and performer, and it also gives younger and less experienced people a chance to be seen and heard.”