Fundraiser to provide scholarships with the help from local car wash

Fitzgerald Graves, Reporter

Sparkling Image Car Wash businesses in Bakersfield are sponsoring a fundraiser on Sept. 22 at their five locations. Sparkling Image will donate the proceeds from the fundraiser to provide scholarships for students in fifth or sixth grade from schools throughout Kern County School District, so that students who have limited resources but wish to stay at Camp Keep for the week trip can.

Camp Keep is considered by teachers and counselors an educational and influential opportunity for these fifth and sixth graders in Kern County. The Kern Environmental Education Program or KEEP is located in Montana de Ora State Park as well as Cambria Pines in Cambria.

The students who attend the week-long camp encounter wild life, staying in cabins, exploring the surrounding ecosystem, and developing leadership skills. The dedication Sparkling Image Car Wash demonstrates by sponsoring this annual event may influence other businesses to participate in other ways, Superintendent Assistant Desiree VonFlue said.

“Camp Keep is a wonderful experience for students to have as it assists in the understanding of their relationship and impact on the ecosystem. While giving students the opportunity to have hands-on exposure to a living environmental laboratory,” VonFlue said.

The efforts put forth by Sparkling Image will grant students who may otherwise not participate in a residential outdoor science curriculum the chance to do so.

The location of Camp Keep offers varying ecosystems, which are educational discussions about surrounding vegetation, trails that allow students to traverse from mountain terrain to a costal ecosystem in a matter of minutes, and the overall comradery amongst their peers.

Camp fire songs and games are also to be expected. As a fundraising partner, Sparkling Image is giving back in a way that may benefit all people by supporting student education of the ecosystem that they exist in.

The participating locations are as follows: Sparkling Image Car Wash 2301 H Street, Sparkling Image Car Wash 7901 Rosedale Highway, Sparkling Image Car Wash 5201 Stockdale Highway, Sparkling Image Car Wash 3951 Wible Road, and Sparkling Image Car Wash 7991 White Lane.