Renegade Struggles: Cody Fuhrman


Melissa Puryear

Cody Fuhrman, 21, is a theater major and poses for a picture at Bakersfield College.

Christina Benavides, Reporter

Cody Fuhrman, 21, is a Bakersfield College student who is struggling with depression. Although he battles with mental illness, he has discovered positive ways to cope with his struggles.

Fuhrman has been dealing with depression since he was 2 years old, and has hopes to inspire others who are also struggling with mental illness because some may not know how to deal with it.

He is currently a survivor, and one thing that has helped him over time is his passion for theater. Fuhrman is currently pursuing his theater arts major at BC.

Theater plays an important role in Fuhrman’s life. As a child, he was inspired to be an actor because he had family that were actors. Ever since then, it has been a career goal for him to pursue acting, along with film.

When it comes to balancing school and mental illness, it can be very difficult; however, Fuhrman has found a safe place within theater.

Fuhrman said, “If I’m doing something productive, it forces me to not think about what is upsetting me and caused my depression to flare up.”

When Fuhrman is acting and staying productive he is trying to avoid unhappiness, and it can help for the moment.

He encourages people suffering with depression to stay productive and get involved.

Fuhrman mentioned that if you are surrounded by people who love the things you do, it helps you make connections with others and can possibly help you find someone who is understanding of your struggles.

He added that there are days where he is happy and ready to take on the day, but there are also days where he just wants to be alone to build himself back up after feeling down.

Sometimes when he’s feeling depressed he can’t find joy in anything. Things like writing poetry, acting, and reading books are how he does find joy.

In addition, over the summer Fuhrman volunteers with a Bakersfield Human Rights Agency, called SAFE (Stop Abuse for Everyone.)

This agency provides services for victims of domestic violence. This is how he remains productive. He enjoys helping others and giving back to the community.

One of the most difficult parts of dealing with depression for him is the misunderstandings people have of him. There are moments when people do not understand what he is going through, and it can be hard on him.

“Most of the time people don’t really understand how to comfort me, and people isolate me because they feel like I’m just crying out for attention.” Fuhrman said.

As a man, Fuhrman is faced with mental health stigma. He mentions that in today’s society men are supposed to be “tough” and able to handle themselves, but some men are more sensitive and emotional.

Fuhrman added that women do get a little more sympathy than men do.

He wants anyone who is currently going through something similar to him to hang on. He mentioned that it might seem like you are alone, but it does get better in time. He experiences depression first-hand, and believes that you have to keep fighting for your happiness.