BC students perform in band and orchestra


Alexandra Apatiga

Kathryn Kuby, the Bakersfield College concert band and orchestra conductor, as she conducts the BC orchestra at the Sound of Autumn fall concert.

Alexandra Apatiga, Reporter

The Bakersfield College concert band and orchestra performed at the Edward Simonsen Performing Arts Center Friday night, Oct. 6 for the Sound of Autumn fall concert.

The Bakersfield College Performing Arts program holds a fall and winter concert each semester to showcase their ensemble to the public and to BC students interested in joining the program.

Kathryn Kuby, director of the BC concert band and orchestra and a full-time professor, was the conductor for the Sound of Autumn concert. Kuby shared that her students involved with the band and orchestra are either BC students pursuing a music degree, or just interested in music. “But in order to be a part of one or both of the ensembles,” said Kuby, “students are required to audition, no matter if they’re music majors or not.”

“My students rehearse around three hours a week for their concerts” said Kuby. “But they also perform for other events, like graduation, visiting community guests, and with high school and middle school bands.”

Kuby explained that whenever her students perform for an audience, they try to accomplish a few things. “Our first and foremost goal is to play music and entertain our audience. Our second goal is to use our performances as a recruitment and show students, no matter their age, anyone who enjoys music can be a part of our ensemble.”

Alexandra Apatiga
Clarinet player and member of the BC concert band, Alfredo Ramirez, smiles as he prepares to play for the fall concert, Sound of Autumn.

But according to Kuby, one of the most important things they were trying to accomplish at the Sound of Autumn concert was, “spreading awareness of our musical ensembles to our students and to our faculty.”

“Most aren’t even aware we have a concert band or orchestra at BC,” said Kuby. “We always try to raise awareness of our presence on campus, while also giving people an enjoyable experience through music.”