The Bakersfield College swim team holds a six hour swim relay with free lessons


Jenny Brito

Mark Moon, the head coach of the men’s and women’s Bakersfield College swim teams, shows off his technique during the swimming relay.

Jenny Brito, Reporter

The Bakersfield College Swimming team hosted a six-hour relay showcasing some of the team’s athletes and offered free swimming lessons on Oct. 7.

Tanner Bradley initiated the relay at 8 a.m. sharp, and swam for approximately 30 minutes while several community members watched.

Other athletes also showed off their talents for 30 minutes each. Approximately 10 members of the swimming team participated in the relay.

Matt Moon, the head swimming coach for the men’s and women’s swimming teams, spent some time in the water as well at the event. He said that the purpose of the relay was to promote the swimming team and raise awareness about the importance of water safety.

Moon added that this is the third year of the community swimming lessons event, and turnout was great. “There were about 45-70 kids this year,” Moon said.

The swimming lessons ran on 30-minute cycles. Children who already knew how to swim were also welcomed and received instruction to help improve their swimming technique.