CALM hosts Halloween event and gives out candy to the attendees


Jenny Brito

Matthew, a child dressed in a Superman costume, explores the domestic animals’ exhibit at the CALM zoo.

Jenny Brito, Reporter

Boo at the Zoo, hosted by the California Living Museum (CALM) on Oct. 21 and 22, had adults and children trick-or-treating as they made their way around the zoo.

The zoo was decorated with creepy skeletons hanging from trees and inflatable ghosts and dragons in the green areas. There were dozens of pumpkins being sold for $2 at the event. Spiders, goblins, and bats were part of the imagery as well.

Event organizers encouraged guests of all ages to wear costumes and spend the day with the animals. A few adult witches and a Harry Potter wizard were present, but the little ones dressed the most elaborate costumes.

Some of the children dressed up as princesses and knights while others chose to honor members of the U.S. Army. There were also astronauts, superheroes, and even Santa Claus made an appearance on Sunday.

Patrons visited all the exhibits at CALM. Also, children participated in different activities to win candy. “Fish the Candy” was a favorite for those looking for treats. Children were given a fishing rod that they used to get candy hidden inside a makeshift pool.

Stephanie Blaylock, a mother of two, said that her children had been waiting for the event for weeks. “The wait was definitely worth it,” she added.

In addition to treats, the zoo featured several wildlife presentations and animal encounters. Children got a chance to take pictures and manipulate a snake at the Reptile House while others chose to watch Pebbles the porcupine taking a nap.

Some animals including the bears and ducks received a jack-o-lantern stuffed with their favorite treats. By Sunday afternoon, little was left inside the lanterns.

There were plenty of options for children and parents alike. The Condor Challenge Climbing Tower, which costs $35 on regular days, was free. Rides on the Central California Children’s Railroad were also available for a dollar.

Food was provided by Hunsaker Bros and Carnie Corn. Families took breaks to have hot dogs, nachos, ice cream, and funnel cakes.

Boo at the Zoo is held annually. The next event scheduled by CALM is the Holiday Lights which begins on Dec. 1.