Masquerade Ball held at Campus Center


Alexandra Apatiga

Volunteer Belinda Lopez Rickett at the Masquerade Ball spray paints Jeremey Randall’s hair a variety of colors.

Brandon Cowan, Web Editor

With at least 100 people attending the second annual Masquerade Ball at Bakersfield college, people from Kern County were encouraged to attend the costume-themed event described by flyers as, “A fun & safe family event for all ages in Kern County to enjoy dancing, sweet treats, and games.”

The event was hosted at the Campus Center on BC’s campus on Oct. 27.

There were many booths that were handing out candy for playing games. One of those booths was made by the Engineers Club.

Joshua Fernando, 21, is the president of the Engineers Club and was there because he said, “I want to help out the school.”

Fernando said that he has attended BC for four years being full-time and part-time.

He also said, “I really love to build. … Getting people involved in the club, doing that kind of stuff, building with your hands and trying to build a community really helps yourself in the major because it is undoubtly tough.”

The booth that Fernando and his fellow club members made is a game to slingshot a yoga-sized ball at boxes that are stacked up and to hand out free candy.

The Escape Bus was also at the Masquerade Ball and in the flyers that were handed out to students before the event took place said The Escape Bus is, “Similar to escape rooms, work together, user your surroundings, and outsmart the bus if you ever want to see the light of day again.”

The BC cafeteria was turned into a dance room where students could go grab food and drinks. Students could also sit down or dance to enjoy the music being played by a DJ.

Jack Saba, 21, has been inside the dance room, but did not dance because there was no one else dancing at the time.

Saba plans to complete his political science degree and then use it as a pathway to become a law student.

Saba is a part of the Japanese Culture Club and was helping with the booth that the club had made.

The booth had two games in which people could grab candy out of a container with chopsticks, or could try to grab a balloon filled with water with a rubber band attached to the top out of a bucket of water.

Dezi Von Manos, the Student Government Association president was also there to hand out candy to people that were attending the event.