The Panorama Invitational shows off Kern County High School students’ work


Alexandra Apatiga

Various pieces of artwork created by Kern County high school students on display at Bakersfield College’s Wylie and Mary Louise Jones Gallery for the Panorama Invitational.

Hector Martinez, Reporter

Alexandra Apatiga
A piece titled “…“ on display at the Panorama Invitational at Bakersfield College’s Wylie and Mary Louise Jones Gallery.
Alexandra Apatiga
Inside the Wylie and Mary Louise Jones Gallery at Bakersfield College, BC student Joseph Lara examines the artwork on display.

The Panorama Invitational will be exhibiting the artwork of Kern County high school students at Bakersfield College’s Wylie and May Louise Jones Gallery, and it is now open from Feb. 1 to March 8 to anyone who would like to see the students displays.

The art show provided the audience members a table with food, in order for them to eat a snack while seeing the high school students artworks. There were several paintings and a few ceramic sculptures displayed inside the Bakersfield College’s gallery.

Jeff Huston and Ronnie Wrest, both are art Professors at BC, were in charged of the art show. Huston mentioned that a total of 73 art pieces were being shown. He also said that they do not choose the student’s artwork because the high school teachers are the ones that are supposed to select the drawings or art pieces they want to show.

“However, as a curator, we reserve the right not to show a piece of art if it does not meet with the division statement of the gallery, but that has never happened.”

Huston pointed out that an art show is meant for the students, and that is why they trust and work with the faculty members of each high school. He later continued to explain that the Panorama Interventional is meant to express the artwork of the students.

There were a few people who went to the art show to see drawings of high school students that they knew, and that was the case for Natalia Perez, a Bakersfield Museum of Art worker. She said that there is a program for high school students at the museum of art and that was the reason why she went to the Panorama Invitational.

“We have a high school program at the museum for high school students and some of them are exhibiting… so far I have just seen two of our student’s art pieces,” said Perez.

Laurie Flohr was going for the first time to the Panorama Invitational, and what led her to go was her daughter’s artwork exhibition. She explained that she was happy to see her daughters artwork because she witnessed how much time and effort she has dedicated to all of her classes, but most importantly to her art drawings.

“The title of it is ‘The Eyes of the Artist.’ I did not get to see it until today, but when I saw it I felt really happy to see my daughter’s drawing.”

Nestor Ocampo, 19, is a BC student who also attended the first day of the artwork gallery. He initially indicated that he attended because his professor told the class that the Panorama Invitational was going to be an extra credit assignment. After being in the art show for a while Ocampo said that there was a drawing that caught his attention.

“‘Temptation’ clearly this can relate to me or anyone really where you are choosing whether to study for an exam or not. For example, sometimes I have to choose between playing video games or studying and there is how temptation works with me,” concluded Ocampo.

The Panorama Invitational will be open from Monday to Friday from 1to 4 p.m. After the Panorama Invitational Professor Huston indicated that there will be an artwork show from BC students, the opening day is yet to be announced.