Casino night rocks

Hector Martinez, Reporter

The Women’s Club of Bakersfield held a casino night in order to fundraise money to restore the Metcalf House at the Kern County Museum, on Friday, Feb. 16 from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

The tickets to attend were priced at $50 per person and all proceeds collected will go toward The Metcalf House. The president of the Women’s Club of Bakersfield, Darleen Carpenter, explained that the tickets included dinner and $300 in coins to start playing. According to Carpenter, this is the first time that they’ve had a casino night and were expecting a total of 100 people to show up.

Carpenter explained that the Women’s Club of Bakersfield decided to help sponsor the event in order to get money to pay for the refurbishing of the house. She also shared two reasons why they decided to help fund The Metcalf House.

“We like the museum because it is in our neighborhood and seeing the history of Bakersfield is something we like. The second reason is that one of our members owned the house; her father built it and she lived there her entire life,” Carpenter said.

The member that owned the house was Maude Metcalf and she also was the president of the Women’s Club of Bakersfield from 1938 to 1939.

Carpenter explained that they had several games for the guests to play, just like they would in any other casino. Some of the games included craps, roulette wheel, Texas Hold’em poker, blackjack, and wheel of fortune. Carpenter explained that when the club rented the tables for each game, with them were included professional dealers.

At the event, they also had other items to bid on them. One cool item the Women’s Club of Bakersfield had at the event was a poster with the signature of every actor that has played James Bond. This, among other things, was available for the guest at the casino night to bid on.

The casino night was western-themed and almost everyone involved in the event such as the dealers and the members of the Women’s Club of Bakersfield were using some sort of western accessories like hats or sheriff badges.

The event was a good way to spend a Friday night, and also the people who attended made a good cause by helping restore the Metcalf House at the Kern County Museum.