Broadway Dinner helps raise funds for the Chamber Singers’ tour of Australia

Members of the chamber choir arranging the gifts raffled later that night.

Hector Martinez, Reporter

The Broadway Dinner had Broadway themes and music performed by the Chamber Singers. The event was a fundraiser for the Chamber Singers for their summer tour of Australia. The dinner took place at Bakersfield College’s cafeteria on March 3 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The tickets costed $15 if they were purchased before Feb. 14 and after that, they were priced at $20. The event included spaghetti dinner made by Chef Eric Sabella and the Food Services crew from BC.

Everyone seemed like they were having a good time, especially with the many different songs that were being performed by the Chamber Singers. After each performance, the audience clapped and cheered.

Marina Martinez, a Bakersfield College music major, was there as a volunteer. She helped prepare the cafeteria before the event took place.

“When I got here they told me to help accommodate the things they were selling like cupcakes and other items. I also accommodated the raffle baskets so the people can put the tickets inside them,” said Martinez.

Martinez also said that this was not the first time that the Broadway Dinner was done, and that the music program has always tried to have the event each semester. She added that each semester they change the songs, but they have always made it a Broadway theme.

This was Martinez’s first time attending the Broadway dinner, and she said that she enjoyed seeing the Chamber Singers perform each song.

Christy Thies was one of the Chamber Singers performing that night, and she also does some adult enrollment courses at the high school in Delano.

Thies did not do any solo parts at the Broadway Dinner, but she did have some choir singing throughout the night. Thies said that she was part of the Chamber choir a few years ago and decided to come back to perform.

“I definitely wanted to come back and join because this choir is known for being one of the best around. I was in the choir 3 years ago and I rejoined last year,” said Thies.

Thies also said that besides singing, each member of the choir had a job. Some had to sell cupcakes, others were selling cotton candy, and when they were not at their stations, they needed to check on the guests and see if they needed anything. She said they were like “hostesses.”

Yasmine Valencia, a CSUB student, was an audience member at the dinner and said that it was her second time going to the event and that she had gone last year as well. She said that she was there to watch her boyfriend perform, and to enjoy the songs that were put together by the choir.

Valencia also said that she felt this year’s Broadway Dinner looked more organized than last year, and it was also well put together.

“Most of the songs I don’t remember by their own name, but so far I know or remember most of the ones I’ve seen,” said Valencia.

Claire Rock a former Bakersfield College student, said she was attending the Broadway dinner for the first time and was having a great time.

“I am enjoying it so far, I love their other choral music as well. I love how it makes the people sing along with the choir members,” said Rock.

Rock felt pretty familiar with most of the songs that the Chamber Singers chose to sing, but her favorite song was Right Hand Man because it was performed by one of her friends. She said that she would most definitely come to future Broadway dinners if time could permit it.