Jay Owenhouse brings magic to the Rabobank Arena


Hector Martinez

Jay Owenhouse sign some autographs for the audience members after the show.

Hector Martinez, Reporter

Illusionist Jay Owenhouse was at the Rabobank Arena on Friday, March 3 to conduct a show for those who wanted to see some magic that evening, and after the event, he signed some autographs for the audience members. The event began at 7:30 p.m. and ended around 9 p.m.

He began his show by doing an illusion that he said explained occurred to him when he was in Japan. He used a box of 12 inches square for his first act, and he disappeared and re-appeared his daughter in that first act.

In a later act, Owenhouse introduced one of his tigers that was going to be used for several acts that evening, the tiger’s name is Sheena.

Owenhouse explained that Sheena has a twin sister and her name is Shekinah. Contrary to Sheena Shekinah is a white tiger, but many people might feel confused to learn they are twins because Sheena is orange and Shekinah is white.

“But what many people don’t know is that when two white tigers have babies over 80% of them are orange, and the remaining 20% are white,” said Owenhouse.

Owenhouse also explained to the audience members that they have a sanctuary where they keep the tigers after a tour, and Shekinah was playing with her sister and fell from a hill, that is at the sanctuary, and broke her femur, so Sheena was going to fill in for her sister until she was cleared by doctors.

Owenhouse also did one act called the “Jaws of Death” which are very popular escaping tricks that were first done by Harry Houdini in the 1900’s. Owenhouse had to escape from a straitjacket while hanging from a bar, that was several feet off the ground, upside down. The bar had some type of saws on them that could easily break his bones if he did not escape on time, he had 90 seconds to escape. Owenhouse managed to free himself from the straitjacket and get off the bar at the actual 90 seconds. After that, he normally continued with the show.

He asked several times throughout the show for participation from the audience, and gave cool gifts to the participants, some of the gifts were a coloring book and also a book explaining some trick to do them at home.

Owenhouse revealed a few tricks for people to tried them at their house, but he did not reveal every single detail because a good magician never reveals his secrets.