BC’s Student Involvement is a hit with students

Miranda Defoor, Web & Social Media Editor

Bakersfield College kept up with annual tradition with the Fall 2018 Student Involvement Festival on Aug. 29. Each fall semester greets new groups of diverse students that make up the community of BC and in order to help keep students active and engaged, BC hosts such events with food trucks, vendors, and games for new and returning students.

Vendors were offered booths and tables that lined sidewalks on campus during the event. BC student organizations and clubs participated, as well as the Bakersfield Police Department, Wells Fargo, Omni Family Health, and Bike Bakersfield. Some booths, like Wells Fargo and Student Life, had wheels to spin for prizes.

Prizes, food, and free items seemed to entice students most. One BC student, Lara Phillips, said it was “nice to see the community together,” but her favorite part was “free stuff.”

Miranda Defoor
BC Renegade photo op waits for students

Friends and BC students TJ Williams, Isiah Martin, and Ryan Nelson were all scoping out different clubs at the Student Involvement Festival.

BC students like Nelson, who is in his first semester, had a chance to see the event for the first time. Nelson said he was glad to see the different clubs represented. “This keeps students involved,” Nelson stated before mentioning there was a club he wanted to join.

Williams, is in his third semester and still enjoyed the Student Involvement Festival. Williams said, “[they’re] showing resources and giving food,” to students. Williams was seemingly enthusiastic about the different benefits offered.