Bakersfield hosts annual Comic Con

Taylor Jensen, Reporter

The 11th annual Bakersfield Comic Con was hosted at the Kern County Fairgrounds to have pop culture lovers rejoice on Nov. 17 and 18. 

It was a packed weekend at the Fairgrounds as people crowded vendors to observe and purchase the merchandise they were selling such as comics, sports and wrestling memorabilia, Pokémon, anime and paintings. Not only were there vendors, but there were special guests such as actress Dee Wallace, artist Buzz, WCW/WWE legend Booker T and many more. 

“My favorite movie was Cujo because I feel like I went as far as I could emotionally, and as truthfully, as I could [acting},” Wallace said after being asked what her favorite movie was to act in.

Haley Duval
A couple dress as Beast Boy and Raven from the animated series Teen Titans.

Besides the vendors and guests, people dressed up as their favorite actors, superheroes, and creatures. 

One man dressed as John Coffey from The Green Mile. He was a tall, bald, and muscular built African-American dressed exactly like Coffey and even carried a fake mouse to play out the character more. Many people recognized him throughout.  

Buzz is a comic book artist who draws many things such as Batman, Jimi Hendrix, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which were the examples set out on his table. He’s been an artist for the past 33 years and spoke passionately of his work. 

Haley Duval
One of the many families who attend this year 2018 Comic Con.

”I just like drawing. It’s gotten to a point where there’s not a favorite thing [to draw] anymore. When you get to a certain age, you start to see your physical limitations and then you say “what if I can’t do this anymore.” I don’t want to look back and regret not doing certain things so that’s why I draw everything,” Buzz said.

Haley Duval
Karen Garibay shows off her costume as X-Force Cable to friends.

One of the main guests was Booker T, real name Robert Huffman, and he was on the badges that people got as they walked through the doors of the Comic Con. He spoke of the Green Frog Market fiasco with Steve Austin and his experience in Bakersfield in the Q&A section of his panel.

“It feels so good to be back. You have made us feel at home like never before. We have a lot of roots and memories here. What I’m going to take away from this is that you have opened your arms for me,” Booker T said.

Anthony Bayne, a fan of Pokémon and Batman, attended the Comic Con. 

“My favorite part of the Comic Con was the Hectic Films booth because I could see horror movie memorabilia,” Bayne said. “I would love to be at Comic Con again next year because the experience was amazing.”