Kern High School Students hosted at the Jones Gallery

Haley Duval, Photo Editor

Bakersfield College’s Wylie and May Louise Jones Gallery, located in the library, had its first showcase of the spring semester, the Panorama Invitational.

The exhibition featured a variety of two-dimensional, three-dimensional and multimedia pieces from high school students all over the Kern County High School District.

Fifteen high schools were chosen to participate and a total of 54 pieces came to this year’s exhibition and one sculpture.  

“The Panorama Invitational had been displaying student’s pieces for 15 years now to showcase the best and high quantity of work,” said Bakersfield college art professor Jeffrey Huston.

Huston said it’s a wondering opportunity to give to the young students to see their work held up in a gallery.

“It’s fun for them to see their work professionally held… it’s a much different experience seeing [your] work held on a gallery wall compares inside a less formal setting.” Huston said.

Bakersfield Christian High School senior, Kellie Kaing, one of the many students whose art piece was displayed in the exhibition, thought it was exciting to have her drawing celebrated and held at BC and hopes to pursue a career in art someday.

Kaing’s piece was inspired by the TV series “Several Deadly Sin.” She said it represents “lust and the negative side of love.”  

Students from BC also came to view the pieces. 

BC students Erika Isidoro and Genaro Iniguez came into the exhibition for the first time together to see the art from their formal high school. Both stated they are not art people. 

“Looking at the nameplates and seeing their high school students shows they really have a lot of potentials… [it’s] very soothing to look at,” said Iniguez. 

Gallery will run until Feb. 28.

Haley Duval
Liberty High School senior’s art pieces displayed in the Panorama Invitational Art Showcase.
Haley Duval
“RBY Portrait” by junior Foothill High School student, Lilly Jiannine, display ed in the Panorama Invitational Art Showcase.
Haley Duval
Art piece by Bakersfield Christian High School’s Kellie Kaing.