Writer and producer of MASH visits Bakersfield for Writers of Kern

Hope ShyAnne, Reporter

The Writers of Kern held a meeting at Hodels on Feb 16. Hosting Allan Katz, writer and a producer for MASH, to answer open questions about his work with sitcoms, plays, and screenplays.

His writing is specialized in comedy, he wrote for “Rosanne” and “Rhoda”, which he also helped produce.

The Writer of Kern club members asked questions about Katz’ line of work during the meeting. The club is not exclusive to members only, the public can see these workshops for $15 and it includes a breakfast buffet at Hodels on Knudenson Drive.

Katz explained the difference between a sitcom, a screenplay, and a play. Stating that “screenplays and plays do not get the second chance sitcoms get.”

“Your characters aren’t the same when you finish,” Katz said about how sitcom story lives progress through the show.

Katz’ tip to the writers in the audience was to never bring in or leave a paper when you go in to offer an idea to producers for a t.v. show, and “to picture the actor you would want to play your character.”

Katz answered most of his questions with comedic answers, “Mine was getting paid,” he said when an audience member asked him about what his writing process was.

The Writers of Kern hold these meetings monthly.

They begin with sharing success stories, rejection stories, a raffle, and a two-minute “museful moment” where the audience has two minutes to write down anything about a tiny prompt.

“Celebrate everything about being a writer, even rejection,” said President of Writers of Kern Clarissa Kae.

Next month, March 16. will be their Spring Conference at Hodels with breakfast and lunch included in the price.

It will be from 8a.m. to 3p.m., hosting many local writers and writer Adam Brook, from Saturday Night Live.

For more information, the public is encouraged to look at the Writers of Kern website.

Currently membership is $42.50 and $10 for students 18 and under with a valid school ID.